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Are you looking for the best golf fitness tracker? Do you want to improve your golf skills? Do you want to improve your health level? If you need a device that can do all of these things for you then, the Garmin Approach X40 GPS golf band will help you to achieve your goals.

This gadget not only looks good, but it can improve your game and physical/health level. If you have this kind of product on your wrist, then you have a big edge over other players or competitors. It tracks golf player playing time so, the user knows their weaknesses.

These days competition has increased in every field, and a slight advantage can give you the trophy. So, if you want to get these kinds of advantages in a match then, the Garmin Approach X40 GPS golf band will help you very much.

As an article writer and technology expert, I know that in the market millions of gadgets are available but, it’s hard to find the best one and get a review. So, I write this article to help the people around me.

Garmin Approach X40 Specification:

Display TypeLCD
Battery Life5Days
Strap MaterialSilicone
Product Weight31G
Water ResistantYes
Water Resistant Depth50M
CompatibilityAndroid and IOS
Fitness trackYes
Sleep TrackYes
In-built GPSYes
Weather ReportYes
Music ControlYes

Advantage of having a Garmin Approach X40 Watch:

  1. You have full knowledge of your golf skills.
  2. Users can improve golf-playing skills.
  3. You will get the golf scoreboard on this watch.
  4. Motivate people to do exercises and improve their golf skills.
  5. User has full knowledge of their body.
  6. It has an in-built GPS.
  7. The watch has water-resistant protection.
  8. Support both android and ios smartphones.
  9. This gadget tracks all-day activities.
  10. Very comfortable to wear.
  11. The battery will last up to 5 days.
  12. Users will get all of the phone notifications.

Full Review of Garmin Approach X40 GPS golf band:

Review of Garmin Approach X40 GPS golf band

Golf playing time analyses:

Like other golf watches, it has so many features to improve user golf skills. Out of these features, the most important feature is auto-shot tracking. Autoshot automatically tracks your shots during a match or practice round.

Also, the user will get shot speed and distance data. Other golf smartwatches track speed and distance but are not accurate, or reliable compared to Garmin Approach X40.

I will recommend you download the “Garmin Connect” application on the smartphone and connect it to the smartwatch. If you click this application with the smartwatch then, you will get detailed statics data.

What I like about the Garmin connect application is this application highlights the major areas of your game where the player is performing well and poorly.

Also, this device has other golf-related features like a digital scoreboard, yardage to layups, and a round timer, preloaded with worldwide 41,000 courses.

Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf BandDisplay:

The watch has a green view display that, shows the same outline of the green grass so, I love this type of screen on a golf watch. This type of screen is more important for a new golf player to understand and improve the skills of the game as soon as possible.

These days, several golf courses will have a button design provided for you. If you are practicing a golf course in a broad field, this is highly helpful.

The display is visible under bright sunlight and won’t damage by dust or scratch. Which improves user experiences.


It is a very lightweight gadget, which weighs only 31G. The watch has a stylish design and suits perfectly all ages of people. It is available in four different colors these white, black, blue, and yellow.

The band is made of silicone material, it is very comfortable and lightweight to wear. This replaceable golf band size is between 5.4 to 8.8 inches and, you can wear it comfortably the whole day while playing golf.

Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf Band Activity Track:

This golf smartwatch not only tracks playing time but also automatically tracks all-day activities such as calories burned, step count, walking, running, etc. This gadget has a move bar which, reminds the user to stay active on/off the golf course.

Also, it tracks 24/7 heart rate and sleeps, giving a score based on sleep time. When sleep has been completed, it vibrated silently without disturbing others. These health and activity data are accurate and reliable.


Sometimes a player needs to play golf while raining and it can be damaged by water particles. So, this gadget has 5ATM water-resistant protection and won’t damage by rain, dust, cold, or sweat. You can use the watch while swimming and showering but don’t use it underwater.


Like other golf, GPS watches battery won’t drain too fast. On a single charge, it is capable of tracking 2-3 rounds of golf. The battery lasts for 10 hours in GPS mode and 5 days in normal mode.

This day-to-day watch battery is rechargeable with an in-built micro USB cable, which takes 2 hours to charge fully.

Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf BandCompatibility:

If you want to receive phone notifications like phone calls, messages, and other third-party applications. Then, connect your android or ios smartphone with the smartwatch through a Bluetooth wireless connection. Also, the user can control the phone’s music.

Garmin Approach X40 compatibility phones are Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Apple iPhone 6/6s, Apple iPhone 6/6s Plus, Apple iPhone 5/5S, ­Apple iPhone 5C, iPhone 4/4s. Partially Compatible with SONY, HTC, Nexus, HTC, LG, Google Pixel, Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, OPPO, Samsung Galaxy: S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S5, S4, S3, Samsung Note: 5, 4, 3, 2, as well as various other Android phones, and many more phones.


Its in-built GPS not only helps to track golf playing time but also gives distance, and speed routes data. So, you don’t need a smartphone to use Google Maps, and these data are accurate and reliable.

Wireless connectivity:

This golf fitness tracker supports Bluetooth and GPS wireless connection. But it won’t support a sim and wifi wireless connection.

Other features:

If you are thinking, this tracker only has an all-day activity track, and heart rate monitor, compatible with smartphone features, then you are wrong.

It has so many other important features these weather reports, daily alarms, sunrise/sunset time, accelerometer, calendar, calculator, find my phone, and many more.

What do I like about This SmartWatch?

It is a very good golf smartwatch, with so many useful features. This tracker automatically tracks golf shots during a golf match or practice session. So, the player gets reliable and accurate shot speed and distance data.

If you download the “Garmin Connect” smartphone application on the smartphone and connect with the smartwatch so, the user will get detailed statics data.

If I talk about the display, then the screen has no corning gorilla glass protection but, it won’t damage by scratches and dust.

This tracker not only tracks golf data but also automatically tracks all-day activities these calories burned, 24/7 heart rate, sleep, step, active minutes, etc. You have full knowledge of your body.

Garmin Approach X40 band is lightweight, comfortable, and stylish to wear because the band is made of very soft silicone material and, the weight is only 31G.

The band has an in-built GPS and, the user will get accurate and reliable golf, fitness or health, speed, distance data, and shows routes.

It has 5ATM water-resistant protection so it won’t damage by rain, dust, cold, sweat, and poolside splashes. Also, the user can use it while swimming and showering.

This band is compatible with both android and ios smartphones so you will receive all the phone notifications. Also, you can control the phone’s music.

What do I dislike about it?

The watch price is not as high as other golf watches but the price is not under 100 dollars and, some people or players don’t want to spend a lot of money.

It won’t have so many cons, but the battery doesn’t last for 1day in GPS mode, or one week in normal mode. Battery life is important in a golf watch because the player uses it regularly.

Garmin Approach has a touchscreen but no color screen. People want a colorful display on their watch, which improves the user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How To Use The Scorecard Feature?

It is very easy to use and will require less than a minute.
The default score is average and two putts at the end of a hole. Select the right number, and scroll through the score and number of putts.
The report card will ask the user whether they drive, left, or right, in the fairway. Also, It is easy to modify a score. A dependable report card that the watch syncs to the Connect app are what you get.

Is Garmin Approach X40 GPS golf band waterproof?

Yes, the Garmin Approach X40 has 5ATM water-resistant protection, and it won’t damage by rain, dust, cold, sweat, or poolside splashes. Also, the user can use it while swimming and I recommended you do not use it underwater.

How Can I Add Golf Courses To Garmin Connect?

Before adding a golf course, you need to download the Garmin Connect application. In the Garmin connect app you need to download a golf course after finishing downloading, it will appear in the list of courses on the device.

Can I Replace The Battery?

This device’s lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and not replaceable. Its battery takes 2 hours to charge fully and lasts for 5 days in daily use.


Garmin Approach X40 GPS golf band is a very good tracker. Which tracks golf shots’ speed, and distance, and the user can improve their skills. If you are looking for a golf watch, then it is a very good option.

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