Advantages and disadvantages of a Scinex SW20 GSM Smartwatch

Are you searching for a smartwatch at an affordable price? If it supports a GSM sim and has necessary features like fitness tracking, compatible with a smartphone app, then Scinex SW20 GSM Smartwatch is for you.

A full fledge sim support watch costs a lot of money, but you will get this gsm band at an affordable price. It is very tough to find a sim support wearable at a low cost, which comes with many useful features.

If you are thinking that a watch will replace a smartphone completely, then you are wrong because a mobile phone screen is large, you can play games, and many more. But the user can use this band as a mini smartphone.

Before buying any tech product, it is important to understand your requirement of yours. If money is not a problem then easy to choose the watch that you like. If you are looking for a band at an affordable price then Scinex SW20 is for you.


Display TypeDigital
Display size1.5 inch
Memory size16GB
Sim supportYes
In-built CameraYes
Camera size1.3 megapixel
Activity trackYes
Sleep TrackYes
Battery Size300mAh

Advantages and disadvantages of a Scinex SW20 GSM Smartwatch:

Advantages and disadvantages of a Scinex SW20 GSM Smartwatch


  1. It supports a GSM sim card.
  2. This product has an in-built camera for recording videos and taking photos.
  3. Support both Android and IOS smartphones.
  4. Users can make calls and send text messages from the watch.
  5. It has a 16GB memory card and is expandable up to 32 GB.
  6. Large and user-friendly screen.
  7. A unisex band so both men and women can wear it.
  8. This gadget has Bluetooth wireless connection.
  9. Scinex track sleep and give a score.
  10. You can set daily alarms.
  11. Affordable for everyone.


  1. No in-built GPS.
  2. It can be damaged by rain because this gadget won’t have waterproof protection.

In-depth review of Scinex SW20 GSM Smartwatch:

Advantages and disadvantages of a Scinex SW20 GSM Smartwatch


Its display size is very big to compare other smartwatches. This watch’s LCD color display size is 1.5 inches and easily visible under bright sunlight. Many people don’t want a large screen in the smartwatch so, it is a minor downside of this product.

This gadget won’t have water-resistant protection so, the user can not use it in the rain, and you need to be careful while wearing it. But the touchscreen is wontly damaged by scratches and dust.


The watch has a square shape aluminum material body which a thickness is 0.43 inches 1.65 inches in width, 1.8 inches in height, and 136 grams in weight.

Scinex SW20 can be worn by both men, and women and looks good because it is a unisex watch. camera, buttons, and charging port on the side of the watch.

This watch is comfortable to wear and, the band is made of TPS materials. Its band size is between 13.5cm to 18.5cm so, it will fit the majority of people. The band is permanently attached and, you can not change it.

The smartwatch is available in four different colors these Silver/White, Gold/Black, Silver/Blue, and Silver/Black.


It only supports a micro GSM sim card which a frequency is 850/900/1800/1900. Users can call it a mini smartphone because people can write messages and dial call direct from the watch. So, you don’t need to carry a smartphone to receive phone calls or send text messages.


Scinex SW20 comes with a 1.3-megapixel camera so users can take photos, record videos, and save them on the watch. Also, you can share these files with a smartphone or computer.

Don’t compare its camera quality with a smartphone camera. But the quality of the picture and video is fine.


It has enough space to store music, video, and image. The watch comes with a 16 GB memory card and is expandable up to 32 GB.

In-built Speaker:

This band’s sound quality is very good and loud. Also, you can set the volume of the smartwatch.

Activity Track:

The watch automatically tracks all-day activities as distance traveled, speed, calories burned, and sleep. It not only tracks sleep but also gives a score based on sleep time like deep or light sleep.

when the sleep has been completed the watch vibrated silently without disturbing others. You can not use these health data for a medical checkup because it won’t have an in-built heart rate and GPS sensor.

Also, it has so many other fitness-oriented features such these set daily alarms, pedometers, reminders, calendars, stopwatches, timers, and many more.

Scinex SW20 GSM SmartwatchCompatibility:

Scinex supports both Android 4.0 or IOS 7.0 and above phones through Bluetooth wireless connection. So, the user will receive all the phone notifications. Users can not read or send messages when it connects with an IOS-oriented smartphone.

Battery Life:

It features a 300 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable with a micro USB cable and takes 2 hours to charge fully. The battery lasts for 3 to 4 days in normal mode and 14 hours in advanced mode.


Sadly, this gadget won’t have water-resistant protection so it can be damaged by rain, sweat, and poolside splashes. Also, the watch does not have an in-built GPS sensor and, its fitness/distance/sleep data are not accurate, or reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Wear It The Whole Day?

This watch is very lightweight and the weight is only 136 grams. Its band is made of TPS materials and, the body is made of aluminum.
It is a unisex gadget so both men and women can wear the watch. The band is not replaceable if any case the band was damaged, then you can’t wear it.

Can I insert a sim card into the Scinex SW20 GSM Smartwatch?

Scinex SW20 is a GSM watch so, the user can insert a micro sim card. After, inserting the sim card you will able to receive a call and send text messages.

Is The Camera Quality Good?

It comes with a 1.3-megapixel camera and, people can take pictures and record videos. The photo and video quality are quite good, but you can not compare its camera with a smartphone camera.

Can I use this watch while raining?

No, you can not use it while raining, swimming, or showering because it won’t have waterproof protection. Also, it can be damaged by sweat, and poolside splashes so, the user needs to be careful while wearing it.

Is the fitness data accurate?

This tracker automatically tracks all-day activities and gives data. But these data are not accurate and reliable because they won’t have in-built GPS, or heart rate sensors.


Should I buy it? Scinex SW20 GSM Smartwatch is a very good product, but you can not compare it with a high priced product like Apple, or Samsung. If you need a band at a low cost, which comes with GSM and an in-built camera, then it is a very good option.

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