Best Smartwatches for Kids

The 5 Best Smartwatches for Kids: and you (almost) always know where it is

The best smartwatch for kids with GPS is useful for knowing where the little ones are. If they are playing in the park with their friends or if they are walking straight home from school.

In addition to this, it offers you many other very useful functions: they can help children remember when to brush their teeth, encourage them to do physical activity, and support them in organizing their daily activities.

And, again, they allow you to make video calls and send messages, as well as stimulate creativity. It is often possible to encourage children to be more active and spend more time outdoors thanks to a watch or a smart band.

What is the best smartwatch for kids?

These smartphones are beautiful to look at, colorful, and full of funny emoticons. Asking your little one “what time is it?” will never be the same again!

There are tons of smartwatches for teenagers that are available on the market, so it is important to do some research before deciding which one to choose. A good source of information is the opinions that parents publish on the web after having “tested” the purchased device for some time.

As for the brand, there are some that guarantee you better performance. The price depends on the type of model, its functions, and the accessories and Apps that are integrated. There are many low-priced products that you can find in online sales. Here are some.

Below we present the best smartwatches for children :

Moweallarge Kids Smartwatch

Put a small multimedia center on your little one’s wrist! Designed with a 1.5″ touch screen, it makes it easy to read the data.

Its features include three alarms, a recorder, a calculator, seven games, mp3 player. The integrated camera allows you to take selfies and with the SD card reader, you can upload the photos to a computer.

  1. Trendy designs
  2. You can take selfies
  3. It is designed to support a 2G network

Gydom Activity tracker Watch Smartwatch Children

If you think your child leads a too sedentary life, try giving him this fitness model.

Together with the time and date, it allows you to track the steps taken, the daily distance, and the calories burned.

You can also monitor sleep hours and heart rate thanks to the appropriate app.

The IP68 protection also allows it to be used in the pool and in the shower.

  1. Ideal for playing sports
  2. Allows you to monitor your heart rate
  3. It’s waterproof

Yenisey Kids Smartwatch

You can choose to make it work with or without a sim card. If you don’t include it, it offers the functions of a music player, alarm clock, camera, games, calculator, and recorder.

The moment you insert the sim and subscribe, you allow your child to make two-way calls. Ten contacts can be memorized and by pressing the appropriate button twice, the child can immediately connect to an emergency number.

The device comes complete with a micro sd card for storing audio and image files. downloadable to a computer.

  1. Allows you to make emergency calls
  2. Memorize up to ten numbers
  3. Micro SD card included

Amfabilæ Touchscreen Kids Smartwatch

With this model, you can always know where your little one is, thanks to the built-in GPS tracker.

The battery has a considerable duration and with the appropriate notification, you are warned in advance to know when it is time to recharge it.

In case of need, the child just has to press the SOS button: in this way the stored emergency number is dialed automatically.

Two-way conversations are clear and stable.

The package also includes a pair of headphones to listen to music undisturbed.

  1. It has a GPS tracker
  2. Two-way calling is clear
  3. Headphones supplied

Pthtechus Smartwatch for kids

Is calling your child often a priority for you? Does your little one want to send pictures of him without taking forever?

Nothing better then than a model that works on 4G.

Among its numerous features are the GPS locator, address book, voice chat, alarm, SOS emergency call, camera, and stopwatch.

It includes a 600 mAh battery, which ensures a long life. It is comfortable on the wrist, thanks to the soft silicone band.

  1. Compatible with 4G network
  2. Built-in locator
  3. Long-lasting battery

What is it exactly?

A smartwatch is a portable device, like a traditional watch, but it is full of applications and features that can interface with a smartphone and sometimes replace it. Think of it as a mini-computer-equipped device that can do things you never thought you’d see until today.

What age is it suitable for?

Smartwatches have a range of assorted products for various categories, such as fitness, music, calling, and education, which are good for age groups 3-8, 5-9, and 6-12. The smartwatch for 10-year-old children is very popular.

The range of apps it can host is unlimited. Smartwatches may be designed and optimized to compete with the capabilities of a smartphone, but the evolution of smartwatches has only just begun.

Before deciding on the right purchase, it is important to consider the characteristics of the various devices on the market. Let’s take a look at some functions.

How to choose the right one?

Finding the right GPS smartwatch for your child can be a challenge. It’s helpful to figure out which features are most useful to you and which ones are superfluous. But above all, you have to ask yourself Why do you need a device of this type for a smartwatch for children with an interactive game app or as a locator to always know where your child is when you are away from home?

Here are the main things to consider before buying a smartwatch for children and your family:

Ease of use

When looking at GPS for kids, it’s important to make sure that the tracking device is comfortable and easy for your child to use.

Battery life

The best thing is a GPS tracker for children that can hold a charge for a few days. If it discharges after a short time, you risk ending up with an unusable device very often.


You have no chance of tracking your child if they are not wearing the tracker. Make sure the material is flexible and non-irritating to delicate skin, as well as adjustable enough to ensure a secure yet comfortable fit.


Since your child will take the GPS tracker with them on all their adventures, make sure the device is capable of taking on a good number of challenges.

A solid, unbreakable construction can withstand rough play, sports, and daily wear and tear.

Water resistance

Kids get their hands dirty all the time, which means they need to wash regularly. A quality tracking device should be able to withstand rain and accidental splashes. Some models are totally waterproof

Build a virtual fence

You have greater peace of mind when you can set up security zones and perimeter alerts with a virtual fence. This feature lets you know your child is where they should be and alerts you if they leave the boundaries you set.

What range?

Whether you just want to track your kid around the neighborhood or keep tabs on whether he goes to grandma’s, you need a GPS tracker that will work for the range and distance you need. Keep in mind that devices that rely only on Bluetooth often have a limited range.

Enabling alerts and notifications

GPS tracking devices for kids come with different alert and notification settings. Among these is the location update every five minutes, or even at shorter intervals. Consider how often you want updates and how much flexibility you need to handle different circumstances.

What is the panic button?

If your child is lost or in an emergency situation, all they have to do is press the SOS or panic alarm button for you to instantly go to their aid. For kids who spend time alone after school or during extra-curricular activities, this feature can make both you and them feel more secure.

Two-way communication

Sometimes all you need is your child’s location, but other times you want to be able to talk to him. If communication is important, a smartwatch with two-way talk may be the perfect solution.


Such a tracking device is useless if it can’t tell you exactly where your child is. See if there are any limits on how often it updates, or if wearing it indoors inhibits accuracy.

Real-time monitoring

When you need to know where your baby is at a precise moment, there isn’t a moment to lose. If real-time tracking of your child is important, make sure that the smartwatch you choose offers this functionality and, above all, that it is reliable.

Can it be used indoors?

It can be difficult to get a correct bearing if children are inside a building. Make sure the device you select meets your indoor tracking needs, especially if your child will be spending most of their time indoors.

What technology is it based on?

Your child’s Android watch will likely be much faster and last longer than yours. GPS trackers for kids have been around for years, using a 2G or 3G connection. Qualcomm’s new chip includes a 4G LTE modem to make the next generation of handsets even more reliable.

New features built into this Snapdragon Wear processor include low-power location tracking; a version of Android Oreo designed for kids; 14% longer battery life than watches using Qualcomm’s older Snapdragon 2100 chip; voice assistant capabilities so kids can ask questions and get quick answers; a 5-megapixel camera for video calls; NFC to make payments at school; sensors for gesture-based play and health tracking.

What are the pros and cons of these devices?

Smartwatches are generally seen as a “grown-up” thing, but let’s face it: all kids are attracted to high-tech.

Here are some of the pros and cons of these devices.


If your smartwatch has GPS, it’s easier to find your child. This could be especially useful in an emergency.

If the device syncs with the phone, you can contact your child by phone if needed.

Smartphones made especially for kids are designed with them in mind. They are typically quite durable and able to stand up to the toughest of feats.


A smartwatch is another device that your child can connect to. For parents looking to minimize their reliance on technology, a smartwatch might seem like a burden.

The child may not like being “located” by GPS. He will then devise all imaginable strategies to forget the device at home-

The watch could be stolen in a place where the child is not supervised.

Smartwatch features

The features of kids’ smartwatches can be divided into two categories: those found on a regular adult smartwatch, and those that are specific to smartwatches for kids.

A child with a text-enabled smartwatch can receive messages from mom and dad.

Some smartwatches have front-facing cameras, which means kids will enjoy taking selfies and videos.

A smartwatch with a media player offers music, TV, and movies.

Using a calendar built into the smartwatch, a child can track sports practices, homework due dates, and more. Sure, he might still need some reminders from mom and dad.

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