Best Rear Bike Seats

Buying the best rear bike seats cannot be based solely on the “like” or “dislike” principle.

First of all, it must be taken into account that the Highway Code defines the criteria for positioning them at the front or rear based on the weight of the child (and therefore on his age).

This article was updated in January 2023 with new content and the very latest available on the market.

Best Rear Bike Seats

With the wide variety of booster seats on the market, it’s not always easy to find the one that fits your child and mode of transport correctly.

These accessories are in fact designed primarily for transport on urban, tourist and moderate trekking use; they are not always suitable for fixing on racing bikes and professional mountain bikes.

There is no recommended age to start using the rear mounted child seat. It is necessary to evaluate the independence of the child, who must be able to sit up by himself.

And when the child reaches the maximum weight allowed by the seat (usually 22 kg), it is better to switch to a bike with a trailer.

Below we present the best rear bike seats:

Best Rear Bike Seats

1. On Bike Bingo universal rear bike seats

Looking for a bike seats that grows with your child? Here they are!

The footrest is height adjustable, so you can extend it downwards to suit your little one as they get bigger. It comes complete with a foot clip for risk-free transport.

The seat belt can also be adjusted in height. It is a three-point type with a quick release.

Particular attention is paid to the comfort of the child. The wide backrest allows you to lean back comfortably and the side rails are padded.

The seat attaches to the frame of any type of bike and can support a maximum weight of 22 kg. It has been tested in compliance with the EN 14344 standard. It is supplied complete with an assembly kit.


  1. Simple assembly
  2. Comfortable
  3. Robust


  • Plastic parts are prone to scratches

2. Prophete Wallaroo rear child safety seat

If you care about aesthetics, you certainly don’t want to compromise when it comes to the seat for your little one either.

With its lines designed down to the last detail, this seat gives an extra touch of class to your two-wheeler.

Dedicated to children weighing from 9 to 22 kg, it has a robust structure in PP plastic, with integrated sun protection.

The two footrests are adjustable and come complete with safety buckles. There is a belt with a three-point attachment and a quick release system. The comfortable cushion is made of polyester fabric and can be washed to ensure maximum hygiene.

It lends itself to being mounted on frames with a diameter between 28 and 35 mm.


  1. Ray protection is included
  2. The cushion is washable
  3. It is Tüv Gs certified


  1. A bit complex assembly

3. Bellelli Pepe Clamp rear bike seats

Sometimes bike seats are heavy and risk compromising the perfect stability of your two-wheeler.

So it’s better to play it safe with a super light and handy model. It is made of sturdy non-toxic plastic and includes a soft, comfortable cushion. Each component can be washed easily.

The safety buckle can be engaged and released with one hand. The height of the feet is adjustable in thirteen positions. The side rails are high to better contain the child and there are protections that prevent the feet from coming into contact with the spokes.

And on hot days, ventilation holes in the shoulders and back will make moving around even more pleasant.

It is suitable for children up to 22 kg and is approved by Tüv GS in accordance with standard EN 14344.


  • Handy
  • Robust
  • With ventilation holes


  1. It’s far too light

4. Rear seat with attachment to the ‘Nfun Brioso frame

Children, as we know, don’t like wearing helmets. And if once seated in the car seat they are not perfectly at ease, the complaints begin…

To allow you to pedal with due serenity, this model is designed with a special protective area at the head which guarantees maximum compatibility with the little one’s helmet.

On the backrest and on the leg compartments there are numerous ventilation holes: an important detail to ensure pleasant ventilation while on the move.

The ergonomic footrest is adjustable to different heights and there are straps that adapt to the type of shoes worn.

The seat belts and fabric padding are washable. Approved according to the EN14344 standard, it is suitable for children weighing up to 22 kg.


  • Helmet compatible protective area
  • Pleasantly ventilated
  • Ergonomic footrest


  1. Not very comfortable

5. Okbaby 10+ rear bicycle seat

If you love going on long bike rides with your family, it’s good that the little traveler accompanying you is comfortable… to the point that he might even fall asleep.

In these cases, a seat with a seven-position reclining seat (with a range of up to 15 degrees) is perfect. The backrest can be reclined even if the child is already seated without compromising the stability of the bike.

It can also be adjusted longitudinally in eight different positions, to guarantee an optimal fit on the frame (which must have a diameter ranging from 28 to 40 millimetres).

The seat belts have a three-point attachment and are adjustable in height and length.

The padding is athermal, water repellent and can be washed with water and neutral soap.

It is complete with an approved rear reflector which increases its visibility. The seat complies with the EN 14344 standard.


  • Reclining
  • Convenient side handles
  • Mounting kit supplied


  1. It’s a bit expensive

6. Urban Prime B-Seat universal rear seat

A made in home product is synonymous with quality in the choice of materials and design with attention to every detail.

In this case it is a seat made of sturdy plastic subjected to a treatment that protects against UV rays. And so, even if you leave your bike in the sun, you don’t run the risk of discoloring.

The material is completely non-toxic and can be washed easily, to ensure total hygiene.

Light and easy to handle, it has an adjustable strap in 3 points. Comfort and safety are guaranteed by a comfortable footrest and helmet space.

Approved by Tüv Gs in accordance with the standard EN 14344, it supports a weight of up to 22 kilograms.


  • It is made in country
  • It has an anti-UV treatment
  • It has a sturdy structure


  1. The price is a bit high

7. Okbaby Baby Shield child rear bicycle seat

The dangers, by bike, are always lurking and it is important to do everything possible to safeguard the safety of the child.

The particular structure of this seat provides a high and enveloping backrest, which together with the reinforced structure offers maximum protection in the event of a fall.

The footrests are adjustable from the rear to fourteen positions. The straps prevent the feet from touching the spokes. The three-point belts can be adjusted in three positions in height and also in length.

The particular shape of the headrest allows the little one to rest his head even when wearing a helmet.

And thanks to the rear reflector you can be clearly visible even if you travel in the evening.

The child seat can also be mounted on electric bicycles equipped with pedal assistance.


  • Ergonomic
  • Fully washable
  • The reflective reflector is approved


  1. The seat is a bit stiff

8. Thule Ridealong unisex child rear seat

Do you want to use a single child seat for several bikes in the family? No problem with this futuristic model.

Its universal bracket has a quick release and is compatible with almost all frames. Which means you can put the structure on and off in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to the integrated protective wings, your child’s hands are well protected when you lean the bike against the wall.

And as the little one grows, you can adjust the foot straps and footrests (even with one hand!).

The padding is water repellent and can be removed for washing, even in the washing machine. It is reversible and each side has a different colour.


  • It puts on and takes off in seconds
  • The padding is machine washable
  • No luggage rack is needed


  1. It requires a very important investment

Which child seat is right for you?

Aside from the bike trailer or cart option , which is not the subject of this article, the most common positions for carrying a child on a bike are:

  1. rear seat
  2. front seat
  3. center mount saddle

Let’s see in detail their characteristics to evaluate which one to choose in online sales.

Rear bike seats

It is installed in place of the rear rack or is fixed to the bicycle frame.

Rear bike seats usually has a raised back and sides, leg guards and a seat belt.

It normally supports children up to 22 kg (6 years) but some are approved to support up to 35 kg (10 years): the latter are more compact and generally do not have a footrest.

Front bike seats

The front bike seat is installed on the front of the bike, at the handlebar or horizontal tube of the frame.

The child is thus positioned in the arms of the adult, facilitating conversation while pedalling. The little passenger also has the same field of vision as dad or mom.

To facilitate handling of the bicycle and to avoid obstructing the view, these seats are usually more compact than the rear ones. Weight is more central to the bike, minimizing potential imbalance.

Generally, the front bike seats supports up to 15 kg and is suitable for children up to approximately 3 years of age.

Center mount saddle

Particularly suitable for trekking bikes such as mountain bikes, it is applied to the central side member. It allows the cyclist to keep his center of balance in a less upright position and favors the vision of the little traveller.

It is equipped with a footrest but does not have a harness: for this reason it is suitable for older children, from 2 to 5 years old.

What features should the rear bike seats have?

Article 68, paragraph 5, of the Highway Code, specifies that “Vehicles can be equipped for the transport of a child, with suitable equipment, the characteristics of which are established in the regulation”.

The implementing regulation indicates the design characteristics that equipment for transporting children on bicycles with child seats must have.

According to this standard, children up to eight years of age can be transported on seats made up of:

  1. Seat with backrest
  2. Armrests. They can be omitted in the case of fixing the seat in the rear position, for children over the age of four
  3. Fixing system to the bike to prevent accidental release
  4. Child safety system, consisting of braces or restraint belt and a foot protection structure, to prevent contact with moving parts of the bike

How to choose the rear bike seats?

The rear seat must meet two fundamental criteria: comfort and safety.

For this reason it is advisable not to bet everything on the low price, looking for the cheapest offer at all costs.

Harness design

An element that cannot be missing from the rear bike seats are the safety belt. It can be a two-point, which attaches only at the waist, or a three-point, which also attaches near the shoulder.

In the case of the little ones, it is essential that the belt is with three points.

Seat belt shoulder straps

In addition to staying firmly on the shoulders of the little one, the shoulder straps must be super comfortable.

You don’t want to hear his complaints every time you ride your bike, do you?


Check that the backrest is high enough to protect the whole body of the little one, including the head.

Some models have a sort of indent for the helmet, which makes bike rides much more comfortable.

Reclining seat

Babies tend to fall asleep to the gentle motion of the bike.

Precisely for this reason, the models offer the possibility of reclining the seat slightly, thus preventing the neck from falling forward.

Adjustable footrest

If the foot dangles without any support, the shoe, the laces or the hem of the trousers can get caught in the spokes of the wheels, risking, with the risk of causing injury to the limb.

So never use a seat without a footrest: it’s a real shield between the child’s feet and the wheel!

Suspension systems

Although it is not a necessary aspect because the moving bicycle is not a rigid vehicle, some models of branded bicycle seats have suspension systems mounted on the frame in order to make the journey more comfortable.


If you love cycling, pedaling with your child in tow can give you unforgettable moments. It’s also one of the best things to do to stimulate him to enjoy an active life outdoors.

As soon as your little one can sit up independently you can start transporting him on rear bike seats.

Remember that in order to identify the “compliant” product, you must look for the marking: the child seat must clearly bear the number of the EN 14344 standard, the general information relating to the maximum weight of the child, the name or brand of the manufacturer, the date and the month of manufacture.

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